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BFT is one of Italy's leading gate operator specialists, with 15 years of experience in automatic gate technology.
Our product portfolio includes a wide range of gate operator products suitable for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial applications.

We provide a comprehensive range of imported gate operator equipment for both residential and commercial gates. For new gates or existing gates, for open gates and timber gates. For large gates and small gates, for gates that open inwards or outwards, for large or small columns. Our range of products includes gate, door and road barrier applications.

We import and market the Italian BFT range of residential swing gate operators with more than 20 standard stock models to suit any type or size of swing gate. To compliment the BFT swing gate operators, BFT also carries a line of Italian Rolling Center hardware including swing gate hinges, open gate stops and center stops.

Our commercial swing gate equipment consists of our standard stock range from BFT. The BFT product range consists of electric hydraulic commercial operators suitable for swing gates to seven meters. Within the stock range we have openers for gates from two meters with various features including hydraulic blocking in the closed or both open and closed positions.

The Italian manufactured BFT brand of residential sliding gate openers are available in stock with more than 10 models to suit all sizes and weights of residential gates. BFT carries the Rolling Center range of gate hardware imported from Italy consisting of tracks, wheels, guides, rollers, stops and cantilever hardware to assist in the manufacture of the gate to ensure perfect rolling without unnecessary friction or load.

Commercial sliding gate openers are stocked for various weights, lengths and types of sliding gates. To recommend a suitable automation or parts for a commercial gate system we require information on the application, the site, duty cycle, size, weight, design of gate, the level of security required,
opening speeds and budget available. BFT also carries a Rolling Center gate hardware range of products manufactured in Italy. These items include the gate tracks, wheels, rollers, guides, stops and cantilever gate hardware. The cantilever hardware provides a secure gate system eliminating the need for the ground track, eliminating the posibility of de-railment and is available in three versions for gate openings to 15m. The BFT Italian manufactured commercial sliding gate operators are stocked in the single phase and three phase versions. Inverters are available for the three phase versions to increase the speeds and enable three phase units to be powered from single phase power supplies.

Barriers are used to secure entrances to factories, parking lots, roads and railway crossings. The BFT Barriers manufactured in Italy, models VIR medium duty and BGV heavy duty are stocked in versions suitable for openings from 3m to 7m in both left and right applications. The standard cabinets have a powder-coated steel cabinet and can be imported on order with stainless steel cabinets if to be installed at exposed or coastal sites. For the larger openings or very heavy duty we also carry the DoorKing and Sentex line of barrier arm gate operators manufactured in the USA. These are also suitable for carparks, factories, railway crossings and road barriers.

The BFT line of operators are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, provide good value for money but are generally limited in speed to comply with the European and US safety speed standards. Some of the Italian operator models have available accessory items to increase the speeds larger drive pinions to increase speeds from 10% to 25%. The fastest standard Italian sliding gate opener that we have available is a 1hp unit suitable for a 750kg load and has the sliding speed of 18m/min. The three phase Italian sliding gate openers with one and two HP three phase motors can be fitted with power inverters which enable the three phase motors to be powered by single phase power and these units enable you to increase the speeds by 100%. The rule is to double the speed you have to reduce the manufacturers load specification to one quarter of the normal load. So a sliding gate automation specified for a 4,000kg load with a speed of 10m/min can be fitted with the inverter and run at 20m/min with a gate load of 1000kg.

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